Nanni is an international leader on the market of marine diesel engines with a product range between 10 and 2000 hp, and for power generator sets from 6 kW up to 500 kW. Moreover, Nanni is one of the top three brands for marine inboard diesel engines in the world.

With its new complete and exclusive range of marine engines, Nanni is the only company able to supply such varied propulsion solutions thanks to its unique marinization system NANNI COMPACT COOLING®.

Nanni is powered by an avant-garde spirit relying upon a centennial expertise in marine propulsion, power generation and power management.

At our production site located in La Teste de Buch (France), Nanni works close to its customers to develop custom engines and to allow them a serene, comfortable and privileged navigation.

With « Energy in Blue » Nanni is committed to design and manufacturers innovative solutions, fulfilling customer’s expectations and respecting Life.


1952 Nanni starts in Milan (Italy) to marinize engines out of Farymann industrial motors.

1982 Nanni acquires Renault Marine in France and opens new facilities in the Netherlands for the marine range based on Kubota and Mercedes engines.

1988 Nanni became the official importer for MAN engines for France and for french speaking countries.

1991 Amalia Festa buys Nanni and reinforces investments in France. Settlement of Nanni Industries S.A. in La Teste de Buch / Arcachon for Kubota and MAN marinisation.

2000 Nanni ranks World N° 3 for inboard engines. A worldwide long-term exclusive partnership is signed with Toyota for marinisation and sales of high speed engines.

2009 Introduction of the first Nanni Hybrid System - diesel propulsion and power generation / electric propulsion.

2011 The Aquitaine Region signs a partnership with Nanni to support new Energy R&D and growth on new applications and new markets.

2012 Nanni, Energy in Blue : a Natural, Pure and Essential Evolution, symbolising the Spirit and the mission of Nanni.


2014 New partnership signed with John Deere for the marinization and sale of Nanni engines with a power from 150 to 760 hp.

2015 Nanni launches the new Nanni engines N6.405 silver series and N9.600 silver series on John Deere engine base, at Cannes Yachting Festival.

     Launch of the new Nanni electronical control systems and joysticks range in partnership with Aventics.

2016 Nanni launches the new T8V.370 engine and the N13.800 silver series engine at Cannes Yachting Festival.

2017 Launching of the new displays and joysticks for manoeuvring.

2018 Strategic new partnership signed with leading engine manufacturer from Sweden, SCANIA, for the marinization and sale of Nanni engines with a power from 700 to 1200 hp


Prestigious partners for a leading marinization manufacturer.

Strong partnerships with leading companies.

For many years, Nanni has been working with major industrial, automotive and agricultural companies from all over the world. With each of its customers, Nanni has developed a steady, loyal and remarkable relationship, either privileged or exclusive.

Innovation, quality and trust lay in the heart of these partnerships.

Partnership since 1976
The world largest manufacturer of diesel industrial engines.

Partenariat depuis 1988
Prestige engines for large yachts and speed vessels Famous brand for upmarket trucks/buses.

Partnership since 2000
A leader in the car industry, exclusive rights worldwide.

Partnership since 2014
Being the world’s number one in its field.

Partnership since 2018 -
Leading engine manufacturer from Sweden. Scania engines benefit from the company’s impressive experience in truck and bus manufacturing, offer state of the art technology, best in class power-to-weight ratio, and outstanding fuel efficiency.


Benefiting from a 60 years expertise in marinization Nanni proposes the most innovative and performing solutions for clean marine propulsion and onboard power generation.

Nanni, the expert in marinization, has always made a point of proposing alternative marinization solutions. With the "Energy in Blue" signature, Nanni intends to develop the most advanced energy solutions for marine propulsion and power generation, meeting Customers' expectations, while respecting life.

Thanks to the partnership with John Deere signed in 2014, Nanni has now a complete and exclusive range of marine engines from 10 to 760 hp for Nanni engine range and from 258 to 1 900 hp for Man engine range.

With this exclusive range, Nanni can supply products tailored to any customer’s needs for pleasure and professional applications. Today, Nanni is the only company able to supply such varied propulsion solutions thanks to its unique marinization system NANNI COMPACT COOLING®.

Nanni is offering the best in engine customization.

A complete study is run to cover each enquiry in order to offer the very best solution for the application. The fully integrated Nanni organization, from the design office to the production plant, also enables the proposal of semi-custom or even tailor-made solutions to meet customers' specs.

As an Energy Creator and transformer, Nanni is committed to a continuous quest for better performance alongside with a lighter environment footprint.

Energy in Blue, a new way to sail silently.


My vision has always been to soar Nanni to the top among the onboard energy solutions companies. Thanks to our label NANNI COMPACT COOLING®, Nanni is able to satisfy the most demanding leisure boat and professional boat owners while respecting Life.

For 3 years, I decided to increase the investments in R&D to create and produce the best high-tech engines and to be ahead of the competition. Each year, we strive to launch new products to extend the Nanni offer.

Therefore, I am happy to present the complete range of Nanni engines from 10 to 1900 hp, the newest in power generator set range, and I am especially proud to announce the new Nanni monitoring and control systems.

This year, Nanni launches three new digital displays: the SI-4, thet SI-9 Premium and the SI-19 Ultra Wide. Those displays adapt perfectly with Nanni’s electronic control systems for engines from 21 to 1900 hp.

Nanni stands out for excellence with a unique package of variety products offered to its customers from the engine to the monitoring and control through the providing of the onboard energy.

Over the years, I transmit to my team the spirit of a job well done, respect for each other and the power to excel. Thanks to team effort, Nanni can adapt to each demand with a quality product offer, continuously evolving, unique worldwide.

With this determination for research and perfection, Nanni has managed to gather the best partners to diffuse its brand and image throughout the world, and will continue to conquer new markets. In the last four years, Nanni has signed with 16 exclusive importers, 5 of them signed in 2017.

Today, more than ever, Nanni is moving forward towards a single goal: to become the “only reference".

Madame Amalia Festa
CEO Nanni